Monsoon moods: Different perspectives of people in Bangalore

The weather changed from hot summer to rainy monsoon in the last couple of weeks, in Bangalore. Monsoon weather creates many reactions among different people.

While talking to people from different walks of life, it is remarkable to see how people perceive the monsoon weather.

Mr. Ramu, a gardener views Monsoon weather as something that helps plants.

Leaves of a plant in the garden after a drizzle

He says, “The rains help plants grow well and also my work becomes easier. It also makes me feel very happy that the rains make the environment look wonderful.” He adds that he need not water the plants and that reduces his work. While the gardener feels delighted with the rain, there is another person who does not like monsoons.

Housemaid Ms. Geetha says, “I don’t like monsoon rains because I feel cold and I may catch a bout of cold and may fall sick. It makes my work tougher and I don’t like to get wet,” she says.

However, it was different when a couple of kids talked about the monsoon. One of them, a 12-year-old says that she likes it very much. “It makes me feel good, pleasant, the breeze gives me calmness and makes me feel free from all my troubles. The chill weather is like a stress-buster and I like the slight drizzles and not heavy rains,” she says.

Another girl of 15 says, she likes the rainy season because she can eat her favourite fruits, can play in the muddy waters with paper boats. She says, “I like getting drenched in the rains.”

It is the same Monsoon season but it has different effects on different people. Amazing, isn’t it?

How do you see the monsoons?

Photos: Maitreyi Aravindan

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