Talk on vaccination and immunity – July 10, 2021


For a bacterial infection, we take antibiotics that help destroy the bacteria. Why don’t we have a similar antiviral to get rid of a viral infection? Why does vaccination involve getting jabbed two or more times? When our bodies have a built-in natural immune system, why then the struggle against corona virus? For answers to questions such as these, sign up for அறி (aRi) this coming weekend.

A monthly talk series in Tamil, curated by Karky Research Foundation (KaReFo) அறி (aRi) is an outreach program to spread and share knowledge among people. The talks are held the second Saturday of every month at 10.00 am IST live on Zoom app, and include topics from the varied domains of science, literature, law, music, history, business, technology and many more. KaReFo’s presenters will give a 45-minute bilingual talk in Tamil/English on a topic and initiate a discussion at the end of the session.

The upcoming talk on Saturday, July 10th, 2021 is on ‘Vaccination and Immunity.’ Molecular biologist Duraisamy Navaneetham will be addressing the lecture. For free registration and more details check out

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