flowering season


In India, we have four main seasons. Although climate change has skewed the boundaries between these seasons at times, they still retain their main features.

I’ve learnt to appreciate each season for what it is. While they can all be very frustrating, they can also make wonderful experiences.

Summer is memorable for mangoes, ice cream, light rains and a long vacation. You can make some of your best memories with friends in the summer.

Monsoon is one of my favourite seasons, for the rains, the petrichor, the puddles and the glistening streets. The cool evening air is always a plus. Petrichor (the smell of the soil after rain) is partly named for the Greek word for the blood of the gods. I think it is aptly named, as the lifeblood of the season.

Winter is another favourite of mine. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, the festive mood is contagious. The barren trees may be a little disheartening to some, but they’re only preceding a new
season of growth. The bright, crisp mornings of the winter season make up for any kind of gloom, anyways.

Last, but certainly not least, spring is regarded by some as the most beautiful season in Bangalore. This is, of course, because of the Bangalore blossoms. Also known as pink trumpets or Tabebuia roses, these flowers are breathtaking when they line the streets in a sheet of pastel pink. They are a signature of the Bangalore spring.

Each season is an opportunity for new memories, new experiences, or new beginnings. They’re all like rebirth, in their own right. That is an opportunity that we truly must harness; reinventing, or re-evaluating, as the seasons change.

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