Happy Streets Perambur

Happy Streets Make People Happy

Youngsters today desire entertainment in one or the other way through indoors (in T.V., phones, games) and outdoors (malls, shopping, travelling) on Sundays after a busy and tiring schedule from Monday to Saturday. Won’t it be good if fun comes to you by scheduling an appointment? And what if I say that it is possible? For those who doubt themselves, yes! You read right. ‘Happy Streets’, launched by Greater Chennai Corporation and Greater Chennai Police, aims at entertaining people and at the same time, discourages the use of motorised transport.

People are encouraged to use only bicycles or go by walk during the program which is held on five continuous Sundays in every area. The program was initiated at Anna Nagar, followed at Pondy Bazaar, Mylapore, OMR, and now has reached Perambur.

Young people like me, who after completing their board exams and were yearning for other interesting entertainment than movies and shows. The Happy Streets program launched at Periyar Nagar (Perambur, Chennai) was a great addition. For those who looked for a few aspects to be enjoyed it was entirely different. The road was completely blocked and there were people all over the place having a lot of fun. There were instrumental music, dance and songs sung for the youngsters and elders to enjoy. Children were indulged in making paper crafts, playing snake and ladder and in a variety of other fun activities.

The program started on March 26, 2023, continued for five consecutive Sundays, and ended on April 23, 2023. The team that organised the Happy Streets showed a lot of enthusiasm every Sunday. Residents were seen joyfully playing badminton, tug of war, table tennis, and many other games. The name ‘Happy Streets’ says what it does!

Featured Image by Swathi S

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