My experience on stage and backstage

Sandhya Varadharajan, a studentof PSBB, KK Nagar shares her experience in playing a role in her school’s anniversary.

I participated in the 56th anniversary of our school and the theme was  ‘Vivaha Vaibhavam’. I acted as an English village girl in the English play Matrimorphosis, an adaptation of  The Taming Of The Shrew .

A mother and her daughter watch the play The Taming Of The Shrew.

The Taming Of The Shrew

Baptista is very rich. He has two daughters Katherine (Kate) and Bianca. Bianca is soft and sweet whereas Kate is arrogant. Many suitors ask for Bianca but no one asks for Kate. Baptista is worried and declares that he will not give Bianca for marriage unless Kate is married.
One day Petruchio from Padua hears about Kate and comes to marry her for the dowry Baptista would give him. Kate refuses to marry Petruchio but he compels her and finally she gives in. Petruchio and Kate get married.
Petruchio tames Kate by depriving her of food and sleep. At last Kate becomes tame and obedient.
Petruchio and Kate go to Bianca’s wedding. There all the men have a wager to see whose wife is the most obedient. Hortensio and Bianca’s husband lose the wager as their wives don’t come when they call her. But Kate comes out immediately when Petruchio calls for her. All of them are astonished as Kate had changed completely. Baptista is very happy and they enjoy Bianca’s wedding.

After seeing the play, the daughter decides never to be wedded. Then the mother shows the Obamas, the Moorthys and the Nooyis as examples of successful married couples. Finally Kate and Petruchio announce together:

“A great marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together but it is when an imperfect couple learns to accept and enjoy the differences.”

My Experience

The rehearsals before the programme were fun. There were 75 participants in this English play. Only students acting as Kate and Petruchio had major roles. Rest had smaller roles so there was no burden and everyone involved could enjoy it. They divided us into several groups. And then we all discussed about our costumes, our hair-do, footwear, accessories, props and everything else needed for the show. We also rehearsed our entry and exit out of the stage well ahead.
Finally, the three days of the great event arrived. We performed four times in 3 days-two dress rehearsals and two shows. It was fun in the green room. We were all applying make-up, getting onto our costumes, practising, joking, laughing and teasing each other. The teachers helped us with the make-up. Many of the students were shuttling from the green room to the canteen, which was very crowded. We guess, we performed well at both the shows.

Our teachers were quite pleased with our performances. The chief-guest commented that all the supporting roles were equally good, if not better. Over all, participating in the anniversary was great fun and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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