Navarathri at Nandalala temple, Mylapore

The devotees of Nandala Temple were enthusiastically waiting for the Navarathri golu inaugural ceremony on Sep. 25, 2014. They invited the Chief Guest Mrs. Vanathi Srinivasan general secretary of BJP and a senior advocate in Tamil Nadu, and the founder of Nanadala Trust Pujya Sri Mathioli R. Saraswathi. The song sung by Kalyani Srinivasan made the audience feel as the heaven’s mother enters the temple.

Mrs. Vanathi Srinivasan inaugurated the ceremony. Everyone entered the hall where the kolu was placed. Crafts and art made by the students welcomed us in the entrance. The journey begins as we were in the Palani temple, Kailash, and the nine steps of beautiful statues bring life to the hall. In the center of the hall, images of Abirami battar, Thirugnanasambanthar, Kalidasar, Seetha Devi with a sand Lingam, Lord Parvathi with Turmeric Ganesha, Annapoorani providing food for Lord Siva, Parvathi holding Siva’s throat to prevent the poison and giving sakthi vel to Lord Muruga were placed in octagon shape.

The temple displayed a hand of mother providing services like Nandala Medical Foundation where they provide dialysis for Rs.500 in Suraksha Dialysis Centre at Mahalingapuram and ENT at Suraksha ENT Centre. Mathruseva provides food on Saturday and Sundays for everyone. Mathioli Vidhya Bhavan at Hyderabad is specially for underprivileged people. Kshana Kshana (children mind) is for the kid’s kindergarten.

In her speech Mrs. Vanathi Srinivasan insisted that women should respect women first and motivate them to achieve their goal. She is an inspiring lady who fights for the rights of others. She puts her efforts on continuously closing down many alcohol outlets by filing cases in the court.
Djembe Drum (traditional African musical instrument) percussionist Parthasarathy from Chennai and Sitar artiste Eashwar from
Andhrapradesh together brought dancing Lord Ganesha, Flutist  Lord Krishna, and Mandalin Srinivas came alive in their concert.

Nandalala woke up with the vibrant songs and the music played by the magical fingers in Djembe Drum and Sitar.
The statue was kept depicting Lord Krishna is again coming to the earth as in Mahabharata. The devotees offer the grains to Devaki. Women and young girls were also allowed to go inside the cage for prayer.

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