Now you can use a spoon and eat it too!

Day in and day out, almost everyone uses a lot of products made of plastics. From as small as coffee stirrers to big garbage bags. While the environmentalists across the globe are concerned about the excessive usage of non-biodegradable products and its effect on planet Earth, NammaBoomi, an enterprise aiming to slowly bid adieu to plastics have come up with alternatives to plastic products we use daily.

Founded by Arul Priya S and Geetha Indravel, Nammaboomi manufactures and sells eco friendly, daily usable items such as palm plates and bio-spoons. The spoons come in different sizes as soup spoons and lunch spoons and are made of jowar or corn kennels, bound by cereal flours. These can be used and then eaten off once you finish your lunch!

Arul Priya (Left) and Geetha, founders of Nammaboomi

“These spoons are edible because they are made of flours and contain no chemicals or preservatives. These are 100% natural products.” says Arul Priya. These are one-time-use spoons. Even if you throw off these products on the ground after use, they will not harm the soil, but will decompose naturally.

They also make cloth bags as alternatives to plastic ones and pencils that have an outer covering made of old and recycled newspapers. The women behind this initiative say that it is better to use steel bottles rather than the plastic ones as many of them contain a chemical called as Bisphenol, which can lead to harmful diseases including cancer.

Arul Priya and Geetha had attended a workshop where the organisers spoke about the alarming rate of pollution, the plastic bags and non biodegradable wastes were releasing into this world. This gave Arul Priya an idea to start manufacturing and selling eco-friendly usable items.

Hypothetically, say that you and your friends are organising a get together or a party. You will need a lot of disposable plates and spoons. People always buy plastic plates and spoons as they are easily disposable, but they do not realise that these are not so eco friendly. Instead using palm plates and jowar spoons that are eco friendly will help save the Earth.

Nammaboomi is working on more eco-friendly alternatives such as tumblers and take-away boxes. Check out the eco-friendly alternatives at The website facilitates online ordering of these items.

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