‘One’ of its kind

One. What’s one? Is it a book? Is it a drama? No. It is a kutcheri-like film. It’s a kind of classical music concert that has been put up on the big screen.

‘One’ is a kutcheri that features ‘one’ artiste, T.M. Krishna. ‘One’ is a totally different experience. It is not the exact type of kutcheri you experience in an auditorium. There is no stage for the artist here. He blends with the nature as he sings. There are no instruments except for ‘one, small-sized tambura that the artiste uses in two songs.

A special show was organised before invited audience at the Tagore auditorium in Tamil Nadu Music College, R.A. Puram on November 29, 2014. For those privileged arts lovers, it was a memorable experience.

‘One’ is a film that features ten songs shot in scenic locations on the Nilgiris. Produced by Aghal films, founded by C. Srikanth, the film is directed by P. Jayendra. Aghal films has already produced ‘Marghazhi Ragam’ that was released in 2008, featuring Carnatic singers T.M. Krishna and Bombay Jayashri. “All the songs of ‘One’ were recorded in a single take and the sounds are original,” inform the producers of the film.

‘One’ is different as the artist does not sing for the audience. He sings for himself, and you intrude him in his silent world of singing. If you really appreciate Carnatic music, you will never recognise the time passing by. If this is ‘One’s’ aim, they have succeeded in it. What ‘One’ tries to do is to get you into the world of Carnatic music in the span of 90 minutes.

‘One’ is released on the big screens on December 5, early in the music season in Chennai. It is being screened at Satyam Cinemas and Escape. Experience will surely be better in a Dolby Atmos screen.

A senior connoisseur of Classical music who watched the special show remarked, “I just saw a movie where no ‘One’ acted, a kutcheri where no ‘One’ performed. It was an experience that was ‘One’-to-‘One’ with the artist. It is definitely ‘One’ of its kind.”

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  1. On December one , I read the article “one”. It gave a new dimension to the number one and its significance in the field of music. Expecting more articles this season…………and waiting for december 5th………Thanks for the information on one…….. 🙂

  2. I am also ‘ONE’ of the invitees for the preview show and I was sitting by the side of Master. Pranav. I thought he was sitting quietly without any interest.But this article shows the talents he has as a Reporter. Well done.

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