When the Classics came alive…

The annual day in any school is always a much awaited one. This time, the PSBB Millennium School took it to a whole new level. The theme being ‘Evergreen Classics,’ helped the students relive the unforgettable jewels on the crown of literature. It gave the students to opportunity to showcase their talent.
There were all genres of classics that were showcased that night. Classics like My Fair Lady, Jungle book, Oliver Twist and even Alice in Wonderland were enacted. And how can we forget Shakespeare? The enduring popularity of Shakespeare is a testimony to the English language. The world would be different without his plays. Hence as a tribute to him, the senior students did a montage of his plays.

There was also another montage presented by the juniors. It was on the classic writers, who were masters in their craft and molded what we call ‘Literature’ today.

The Indian classics were also enacted. Plays like Shakuntalam and Ram Charitra Manas, written by legends Kalidasa and Goswami Tulasidas. Plays like these will always linger in our hearts. And of course the historical thiller, Sivagamiyin Sabhadham which is filled with political intrigue, romance and emotions was also enacted.

Most of all, the students got to showcase their talent in various fields, be it singing, acting or even compeering. It was a night filled with lights, fun and frolic. Furthermore, we learnt that, literature preserves the ideals of love, faith and friendship – the ideals worthy of its preservation.

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