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Schools have varied opinions on the latest toy, fidget spinners

Fidget spinners are the latest craze among children and the adults alike. The spinners are in almost everyone’s hands these days. They are supposed to help children concentrate in a particular activity or in their studies.However, schools have a varied opinion on them and many schools ban using them.

The teacher in a Chennai school says, “They are very distractive in class as the students play with them instead of listening to the teacher.”

Fidget spinners come in different sizes and shapes. They also come in different colours and patterns also, which makes them attractive. This palm-sized, three-armed spinning piece comes in plastic and metal. They have improved electronically as well. Instead of spinning it manually, the electronic ones start spinning at a simple touch of the spinner.

A few people who use these spinners expressed their opinions.
One says, “I think fidget spinners are really cool, we often have fidget spinner competitions saying who’s goes faster.”

For another user, it is the pattern that is attractive. He says, “I like the galaxy pattern and the military pattern fidget spinners the most because when they spin, the colours that are produced are awesome.”

Fidget spinner was originally designed to calm impatience and anxiety in children with autism and learning disabilities in 1997. “But, why the sudden craze now?” exclaims a teacher.

But, do fidget spinners really help children with mental health?

Not many are sure of the role of these spinners in helping children focus in their studies. Like schools, many find them distractive too. Clinical psychologists are sceptical about this general opinion and think that fidgets can be used by special children for a purpose.

Nevertheless, if you like to have fun or just try to ease stress try these fidget spinners. They are available in stationery shops and other stores. The footpath vendors have the local and cheap version of the toy.

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