Stories in a capsule

I am someone who wants to tell a lot about a lot of things but when I was trying to write a postcard I realised that I had a really small space. I chose to write about my field trip with my best friend. I wanted to write everything from when we started on the bus till the end to when I went home, but the space didn’t cooperate with my long story.

I imagined all the things I would write if I would write a letter or had a much bigger space. I realised that even though there was everything and a lot of details, what I wrote didn’t seem like what I truly felt or enjoyed, it sounded rather like a long narrative or a normal story. That’s when I understood how a postcard despite having a small space is actually meaningful.

Sometimes, it’s not a long narrative story but also the smallest precious moments that make us happy and the other person happy too. So I decided to write about the most special moment I felt, the moment when I saw the sea at the rock beach.

It felt good writing about it, the gentle sea breeze and the ocean waves and my disappointment when I saw some plastic waste in it. It was a short passage but it certainly was magical and close to my heart. It was a great experience as it made me remember the saying that “Sometimes it’s the littlest of things that make you happy.”

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