Students as leaders at Sri Sankara Global

To be in line with a democratic nation like India, where young minds comprehend the power of voting, Sri Sankara Global Academy, an International school in East Tambaram, Chennai, gave an opportunity for the future citizens of India to experience their rights for electing worthy representatives.

In all, 14 people were nominated for 7 prestigious positions in the school. They were split into 2 distinct teams who went through a series of campaigns and debates which not only gave the students a clear idea of whom to elect but also ameliorated the public speaking skills of the candidates.

At the end of the week, the teams faced off in an intense 3 round debate. They were asked questions by the budding minds on the roles they would play for the betterment of the school.

The prestigious voting programme commenced on the big day, July 27, 2022. The students learnt about the 2 types of voting. The juniors were involved in the indigenous ballet method of voting, in which the pictures of the candidates were printed on the ballot papers confidentially. The senior students were exposed to the technologically advanced electronic voting method.

To make this process more holistic the voting committee installed an inking procedure which increased the enthusiasm of the young minds. As the students came out after casting their votes, they were asked to share their experience on choosing the righteous leader for their school through an exit polling. Most prominently, the students were interviewed and fascinating responses sprang forth related to the candidates’ character and confidence.

The candidates had a nerve-racking experience when the votes were counted. As the results were being announced the entire school sat at the edge of their seats. The students erupted with cheers as the results were announced.

The Investiture ceremony was held to formally grant the authority to the elected representatives with esteemed badges.

This event gave an opportunity for the students to collaborate with each other. Various leadership skills were brought out and sharpened. The elected representatives learnt that promises must be kept and dreams must be fulfilled.


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