A day with elderly people

An opportunity to visit Sankara Vrudhaashram in Pandithamedu, Mahabalipuram will let people spend time with the senior citizens and have a closer look at their lives. For me, a visit was a beautiful experience.

The residents spend time indulging in watching television, singing bhajans and talking. Individually speaking with everyone, I came to know that they are cheerful and enthusiastic to take part in conversations. There were some intensely inspiring people, who had achieved a lot in their lives.

Firstly, an aphonic lady teaches people that disability shouldn’t affect their way of living. Her actions spoke that active participation is the key to success. She makes youngsters understand not to let anything stop them from reaching their goals. “Age is just a number, don’t count and enjoy every moment,” is what she delivered through gestures.

A delightful old man who was an international volleyball player had travelled to Moscow and Indonesia. He said, “dream big, work hard and never give up.”

Another inmate of the old age home is Mr. Srinivasan, an intellect who knows seven languages. He showed me the right way towards my ambition and wished me to accomplish great heights in life. He told me to have well-built self-confidence and esteem, as said by Dr. Joyce Brothers, “A strong positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.”

A lovely lady Ms. Lakshmi is keen on sharing thoughts. She exhibited her talent and sang beautifully. She suggested to always believe in God and make ethical decisions in life.

To deduce, all the elderly people revealed that they wish to have frequent visitors and they would be delighted to spend time with them and treat them like their grandchildren. I understood that the residents of old age homes wish the same, irrespective of place or country.

The inmates taught me that today’s generation must develop a positive attitude towards their society. The citizens must honour the old, instruct the young and consult the wise.

This extraordinary experience will not only let you return with thoughtful memories but leave you with some valuable life lessons.

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