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Summer is in: keep the water bowls out

Come summer, the stray dogs and birds look for water on the road and at near roadside eateries. Sometimes the stray cattle also search for water during the day time. A small help by providing water to them can prevent the uneasiness of these animals as well as death during extreme temperatures.

The Water Bowl Project is an annual initiative by the Blue Cross of India to quench the thirst of homeless animals during summer. The project is aimed at helping stray animals and birds remain hydrated during the heat.

The bowls are made from cement by local potters and can hold up to four litres of water. They are painted using lead-free colours by the volunteers and staff at the Blue Cross.

If you want to pick up a bowl, you can do so against a donation of Rs. 130 per bowl.
You can also donate in the form of money, paints or brushes to make more bowls or volunteer at the Blue Cross shelter to paint the bowls.
Blue Cross does not deliver bowls. You need to pick them up directly at their shelter located at No. 72, Velachery Main Road, Guindy, Chennai. Contact 96772 97978 to book your bowl

Image: Blue Cross Society of India

One thought on “Summer is in: keep the water bowls out

  1. Hi friends. My suggestion better keep big aluminum bowls 8 liter to 10 liter capacity. And put one handle in welding shop and put one chain and lock. It will be a permanent solution. Cement blows don’t last more than 6 months. This is personal suggestion. If you want you can consider. Cement bowl 130 rupees, aluminum bowl 240 rupees.

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