Talents flow at Kalpakosha of Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya

Photos by Deepak Prabakar

Students of Class 11 and Class 12  at Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya hosted the cultural event ‘Kalpa Kosha’ (KK 2012) on June 27 and 28, 2012 , to the great excitement and anticipation of the younger students, and other schools.

The event was inaugurated in the morning on June 27, by Mr. Haricharan, popular playback singer whose debut was ‘Unakkena Ninaippen‘ from the film Kaadhal. He spoke of how he had used to participate in Kalpakosha when he was a student. Then, on audience request, he sang a few songs to the delight of all present.

A music competition followed the inauguration in the auditorium. Students from SSK too gave a host performance. Meanwhile, the rest of the classrooms were playing host to interesting events such as JAM (Just A Minute), Adzap, Block and Tackle, Shipwreck, Facepainting, Quiz, etc. Football events were held at the playground.

JAM is an event in which participants will be given a topic and will have to speak on it without grammatical and factual errors, stammers, slurs, stutterings, unwanted pauses, time wasting tactics, repetition, etc. the audience were hooked to following the game.

Adzap is an event in which the participating groups will have to effectively and interesting advertise a product ( such as tooth paste) that would be given to them on the spot. Block and Tackle involves quick reflexes and responses. The participant will have to argue both for and against the topic given to her.

There was another event, newspaper reporting, in which students had to write a report on “Day 1 at Kalpakosha” and submit it on Day 2.

The second day began with the high-spirited dance event, which was followed by the host performance by SSK students. Meanwhile, JAM finals were held at the Computer Science Lab. The much awaited winners’ event was held later at the auditorium, and it largely determined the winning school of KK 2012. This was followed by the prize distribution function, in which P.S.Senior Secondary School was declared the overall winner.

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