terrace gardenof Thanushri

Terrace gardening, a new lockdown hobby

In recent times terrace gardening is becoming a new normal in many households. With plenty of time indoors, this new hobby has bloomed during this pandemic time, as space is not a hurdle for gardening on the terrace.

Terrace garden, also called the roof garden is a small area of land on the top floor of houses, where plants are grown. These remarkable yet simple gardens are created on all kinds of buildings like residential flats, individual houses and commercial hubs.

terrace garden of Bhuvana
A part of Bhuvana’s terrace garden

Terrace gardening is not hard as it sounds; in fact, it is very easy. Anyone can start by planting fenugreek seeds in a cup of soil. “I started creating a terrace garden in this lockdown. I wanted to look forward to something apart from courses and academics,” says 12-year-old Bhuvana, a terrace gardener.

Creating a terrace garden is beneficial as it helps in keeping the homes cool in a tropical climate. Having plants on the roof is a natural way to reduce heat inside the house. “I started growing a terrace garden because it was hard for my family to frequently go out and buy veggies. Now my terrace garden gives me five different types of vegetables!” says 15-year-old Magandhi.

terrace garden of Anya
Plants in Anya’s home garden

“It was very splendid seeing bees and butterflies visiting our home because of the existence of this garden,” adds Anya, one of the residents of the Tambaram neighbourhood in Chennai.

All these terrace gardeners feel that the activity helps people to stay in touch with nature and makes people understand the importance of nature. Though terrace gardening is known to humankind for the past few decades, it has become a popular hobby during the lockdown and restrictions of movement in public places. With many houses going for terrace gardening, there is hope for creating more greener spaces in the days to come.


Featured image on top of this page is of Thanushri’s terrace garden

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