Tha Bait is back

For the fourth consecutive year the Debate Club, a student initiative of Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram is organising and hosting the debating event, The Bait 2013.  Debaters from various schools battle it all out to win the title of ‘The Bait 2013’.

The Bait is one mega event which is organised completely by students and monitored by a teacher-in-charge.  This event has been scheduled for two days – on July 19 and 20, 2013. Both the days the event shall be held at various venues in the Bhavan’s campus itself.

The BaitAs many as 32 schools are from Chennai – a few to name are Lady Andal, Chinmaya, Maharishi Vidya Mandir and Chennai Public School. There are 10 more schools from different cities.

On the Orientation day, various schools started to show up at Bhavan’s T.A.G.Auditorium for getting their names and schools registered since 8 a.m. Once the registration process was over and topics were handed over the Orientation Day commenced at 9.20am with a short prayer and went on till 11.20am. A welcome speech delivered by Senior Principal Mr.Ajeeth Prasath Jain followed.

In 2009, the Bait was organised in collaboration with Lady Andal and from the second year Bhavan’s completely took over the event. In his speech, he expressed his happiness as this year the Bait has reached out to other cities like, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Bangalore. Soon after the speech there was an A.V Presentation which listed the rules, why is debating good etc.
Here are just some of the many rules:

1. On Day-1 no debate shall go on for more than 45 minutes
2.8minutes will be given to the audience to question any of the debaters.
Some general rules are:
3. No foul language shall be used. Use of foul language will lead to immediate disqualification.
4. Personal attacks about appearance, gender, ethnicity or language is strictly prohibited.
5. Participants must not use Wikipedia
6. If the judges or participants doubt if your stated facts are false then the judges can cross-verify the facts. If the facts mentioned are false, then participants will be dealt with strict action.

The winners of The Bait shall receive a grand cash prize of Rs.12,000, an individual trophy for each student, a school trophy, certificates and many other incentives. The Times Of India is the media sponsor.

The Bait also has the Change Makers Conference or in short, CMC. Students with ideas which they believe can change the society in one way or another shall make a presentation on what has to change and how can the change be implemented. A video, audio or a PowerPoint presentation can be used. The winning team gets financial aid to implement their projects and bring about changes in the society.
All projects are judged on the basis of their originality of idea(s) and feasibility of the project.
The finals of the CMC shall be conducted on July 20.

Schools who have registered their students can only participate in the Bait and CMC along with a teacher-in-charge.

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