mysterious city

The city that was!

Alert: This is a fiction with mysterious turns!

My friends and I were planning a trip to Osaki, a famous lively place. We planned to travel by day train as the view would be stunning. We all reached the station at about 4.30 am and were waiting for the train’s arrival. We made plans to do at the place on arrival. The train arrived at the platform with a huge noisy whistle. We had mixed feelings of happiness and curiosity about the city, as it was our first time visiting this city. We quickly got on the train.

While we were on the train, we discussed our plans so loud that we didn’t even hear the other passengers of the train speaking!

Suddenly a man next to us stopped us from talking. His eyes showed anger and we thought he was going to yell at us. After an awkward silence, he broke the silence and asked us where we were going. We told him the place out of excitement. After we told him the place, he suddenly became very serious and told us that Osaki was not a normal city and was a mysterious and mystical one. He began describing the place in a way we never expected! He said that the clouds were pink and the streams and rivers were yellow! He even told us that in Osaki, there was no sun and the place had its own fixed timings for days and nights!

We weren’t convinced but pretended to believe him. After a three-hour journey, we reached the station in Osaki which was inside a cave in a huge mountain. As soon as we got out of the train we couldn’t believe our eyes! It turned out that the co-passenger in our train was telling the truth.

There was no way to get out of the mountains except the cable cars. There were two long ropes tied to a long pole on the mountain outside the cave and another one below. A man hurried us into one of the cars. The car had seats enough for two people to sit on either side. As soon as we got into the car, he pressed a button and ours started moving downhill.

The view from there was an amazing one. We got to see something we never saw before – a species of bird only found in Osaki. They were called “Misties”. They were called so because when they flew, they gave a trail of mist. It felt like being in a fantasy world!

The trip downhill took half an hour but was worth the sight! After the ride, we were famished and just then we spotted a restaurant! We ran in for food. The restaurant itself was an enthralling sight! Each table was in a pool of water with fish inside which had the power to make one feel relaxed. The breakfast was also a great one!

After breakfast, we went to many places and the best one was the river. The yellow river was 17km long and led to a waterfall. This waterfalls was a unique one as the water was not fast and gushing, it was a slow and safer one. As we went down the falls in a boat, it felt like sliding down a slide.

After boating and a lunch break, we went for a stroll. The cityscape and the sights were marvellous! People were dancing on the streets, there was a light show from a ship in the ocean and the streets were filled with fancy shops decorated with beautiful lights. We had juice in one of the stores and the juice was a mango-flavoured one, but tasted very different. It was a taste we had never experienced before. Our train was at 7 pm and it was time to go back. So we hurriedly ran to the cable cars and had a trip back to the station. We could see the clouds changing colours from pink to purple and finally a dark shade of blue! As we reached the top, we ran to the station and were just in time for the train. At 7 pm, the train arrived. We got on the train and left the city of Osaki. After we reached our homes, we chatted for some time about the day’s adventure and went to sleep for the night.

The next day, we heard the most bizarre news which said Osaki had disappeared for good and that the city would have to be removed from the maps. I was shocked to hear this! Well, Osaki was a city that was, more than beautiful, it a mysterious one! At least I had the pictures of the best things there such as the cable cars, the mysteries, the view outside and the city streets! Maybe, the city’s gone but the memories are still alive in my phone!

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