The magic key to success

On July 17, 2012, a bright sunny Tuesday, Mr. Rajesh Fernando a well-known magician who runs value based shows enlightened the students of Sacred Heart Church Park. He formulated the secret of success into hundred minutes and divided them into nine D’s. They are – Dream, Drive, Desire, Design, Decision, Direction, Dedication, Determination and Destination

Mr. Fernando, an inspiring person has his name in the Guinness book of World Records. On that day, he incorporated certain values into the students of class 8 to 12 through entertainment.
He included mind blowing illusions and hilarious jokes. He explained a formula called the F.I.T formula, which stands for focus, involvement and technique.
He also shed light on the importance of passion and the sacrifices of parents which brought many to tears.

Based in Bangalore, Mr. Fernando performs for the schools across the globe regularly. He teaches values through magic performances. His words are entertaining and along with the fun, makes you think. So next time when he is around, do not miss to be at his show.

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