The one of a kind superpower

Teleportation! Imagine having the ability to teleport to any place you want to; Thinking about it, makes me squeal in joy.
This thrilling concept has been witnessed in a variety of fantasy and science fiction stories that have made me inquisitive about the enchanting journey if it was in real life.

It’s going to be one of the most essential superpowers during this pandemic. I would love to visit places which I have been missing so much in the past year. A glimpse of my school would be tremendous after being stuck at home, the past year.
Visiting every country in the world is an almost impossible dream as it isn’t feasible…sneaking into countries without other expenses makes the experience guilt-free and more enjoyable! Who knows! I might become the next Usain bolt/record-breaking athlete or even consider racing the light Teleportation is the best superpower when you can’t choose between flying and speed. (Trust me! I have the brain of a wombat!)

During the current pandemic, this superpower can prevent me from travelling in crowds. Teleporting a person during a medical emergency within no time would save many lives!

It would be an unforgettable journey. Time for some imaginary boasting time!

‘Arriving on time to defeat and fight the abuser and bully while the victim is saved’ is a scene in every movie which, I truly enjoy dreaming about these scenes where I play the role of a protagonist. Teleportation+Strength would make a great duo for this scenario! Oh! How I wish, I am granted a ‘Buy one Get one offer’ where I get a surplus power; STRENGTH.

People are finding ways to make life easier in this rapidly changing world, I strongly believe that teleportation would be a highly effective superpower and the best buddy for everyone!

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