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Some things are priceless, yet can be valued

Most of the time, the best things are costly. Here, I am talking about the things we buy and want. For example, if we see a beautiful pen or a really good wristwatch, we will want to buy them, but they are too costly. But did you know that some of the things you find in life are completely free of cost and you can value them forever? Read on to know! Some things are priceless, yet can be valued. For example, love and happiness. Here are my experiences:

I feel happy when my parents play with me or when they praise me as they are an expression of love. These are some things I can cherish forever. When I give my cat food or when I spend time with my cat, it gives me love by rubbing on my leg or by licking me or by sleeping on my lap.

Love, kindness, joy, happiness are free of cost. When we show them, we get them back and when we get them back, we feel good. This is with everyone.

These are few things anyone can afford. However, sometimes we don’t use them in the right way. Here’s an example (my experience):
One day, my friends and I were playing a game of catch with the ball on our terrace. By mistake, one of my friends threw the ball into a person’s house. We all were scared to ask him but anyway, we did. We thought that he would scold us. But to our surprise, he didn’t. He gave the ball back asked us to come in. He gave us mangoes to eat and gave us gifts. Of course, we didn’t expect this and it was a kind gesture. We started liking him and we would go to his house and talk to him. This is an incident in my life.

To conclude, some gifts have to be paid for and some are just given free of cost.

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