TWT eBook Issue 2

The Write Track Season 2: eBook Issue 2

Now, it is time to read the second issue of eBook of The Write Track Season 2.

Once again a team of three, who did not know each other earlier, but are writing regularly for this month-long fun writing project joined hands to produce this issue of the eBook.

Medha, Mustafa and Sanjitha worked remotely, had meetings online collaborating with each other on the production and have come out with this neatly done issue.

Here is the eBook for you!

Do read the articles by the writers who wait for the prompts every day and promptly send in their contribution. Don’t forget to leave your feedback by scrolling down this page.

The Write Teack Season 2 eBook Issue 2 Cover

Download The Write Track Season 2: eBook Issue 2


The previous edition of The Write Track Season 2 eBook is here:

Issue 1 – Produced by Daya, Samyuktha and Sthuthi


3 thoughts on “The Write Track Season 2: eBook Issue 2

  1. I had a chance to go through the Yocee’s Write Track ebook issue 2. I appreciate the youngster’s enthusiastic participation. Their contribution on different topics helps readers to enjoy reading. Congrats to the contributors and editors for the time well spent.YOCee deserves praise for encouraging writers to bring out their talent.

  2. Great work done by all the youngsters. It was a pleasure reading the Yocee’ S Write Track ebook issue 2. It encourages and motivates the youngsters to become the future writers. Congrats to all the writers as they have done a wonderful and fantastic job. Yocee encourages the youngsters to bring out their own talent.

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