Theatre orientation programme held

The Krishnamoorthy Foundation of India (KFI) organised an orientation programme in theatre at The School, Adyar on June 18, 2012.  Students from 13 schools from the city were invited to be part of the event. Twelve students from TI School, Ambattur were a part of it too.

The main concept behind the program was to nurture the theatre skillls in children. The first half of the programme had a briefing session where the students of The school shared their experiences in the course of their previous years. They also briefed us about the technical skills required for theatre presentation. The whole program was planned and executed by the class 11 students of The school.

The participants were then divided into groups. The groups were formed in such a way that the members belonged to a team of 13 members selecting one from each school. All the students were enthusiastic to bring out the whole message in a smooth way.

The students from The school helped the participants to connect their thoughts in a proper chain. At the end of the session all the groups presented their drama in a skillful manner. The participants felt that they learnt a lot of at the session, including leadership qualities. The students had to write their own scripts in some cases. The teams will be preparing for the upcoming Theatre fest to be held at The School next month.

The participating schools were made to feel at home by the students of The School. A special thanks was due to the teachers of the participating schools and the KFI team for making the day memorable for all those who took part in it.

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