Tiger awareness programme at Sri Sankara Matric School

Tiger is among the top endangered species of the world,
To create an awareness on how could we contribute to save tigers, Ms, Maithliy, a tiger enthusiast took the initiative to take the message to schools.

As part of her passionate effort, Maithily screened the educative film The Truth about Tigers at
Sri Sankara Matriculation Higher secondary School, Tiruvanmiyur on July 31.

The film is directed by the wild life conservator Mr.Shekar Dattatri. She took the initiative to spread awareness among the school student because the younger generation should be informed that that tigers are becoming extinct.

The program started at 10 a.m. and the first batch of students was from 4th and 5th standard. The students watched the movie and at the end there was a discussion session with Maithily. Students asked question regarding the movie and their question were answered. She also kindled the interest of the children by asking a few questions to them and gifted them for each correct answer.

After a tea break came the 6th and 7th standard students. Again there was a quiz at the end of the screening. The questions were based on the movie and all about tigers. Winners received gifts.
And then the film was screened for the higher secondary class students.

Maithily works as a Tech support Engineer in Cybernet Slash Support. She shares a passion for tigers and she says passion without action is of no use!

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