Tough and talented!

Talented, soft-spoken and musically interested, Aishwarya Varshini a student of class 11 of DAV Girls Senior Secondary School has won a silver medal at the national level in National Cadet Corps (NCC) this year.
She joined the NCC when she was in class 8. Varshini is interested in Carnatic music and she wanted to overcome the shyness to be a good stage singer.

She says, “I did not know what or how NCC would be when I joined. The main reason for my joining the NCC was to become stronger.”
“However after joining it helped me a lot to develop all round qualities like being independent, tough and also overcoming my shyness” she confides.

She is good in singing and also in academics. She started learning music when she was six years old and continued her training under guru Sitamani Srinivasan till recently. She is now concentrating more on her studies in class 11 and 12.

Varshini is thankful to her NCC teacher Ramavathi. She says that her teacher was instrumental in making the NCC camps interesting. Varshini has participated in various competitions especially singing and represented her school, on a few occasions.

Her medal taking tests were quite tough, she said. “I knew I would get a medal. I expected a gold medal but I got only the silver. Yet, I am happy about it”, she says.
She wants to pursue her technical education in IIT and wants to do a M.S. after graduation.

One thought on “Tough and talented!

  1. Varshini is a very intelligent and strong girl like her parents, with high ambitions, great motives and positive attitude. We were undergraduate project mates, and gradually became best friends. She taught me how to face a problem with courage, and never turn back and give up hope. Now both of us are pursuing our M.S. after our undergraduate college. While reading this article, I was really surprised that each and every description of her character to be perfectly true. She is not just really “talented and tough” but more than that.

    She is kind to everyone, truthful, magnanimous, always surrendered to the love of God, has no material desires, sweet & friendly, grave, offers respect to everyone, works for everyone’s benefit, frank, imaginative, independent, intellectual, intuitive, neat, patient, persistent, pioneering, loving, self-disciplined, sincere, reliable, willing, placid and always happy.

    Many of my friends tell me that she should have become a model, but for me she is a role model for youngsters. Especially her belief and love towards God, gives her the greatest power to achieve and accomplish all her goals and progress in her life.

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