‘Tree of Life’ festival

One of the treasures of this city is its beaches.
The Marina and the Elliots have different features and the visitors to these beaches are also different.

What kids and adults do at the Marina is different from what happens at the Elliots.

But our beaches do not have those trees we find on the beaches of Kerala.
So what?

Prakriti Foundation recently held the The Tree of Life festival in Chennai and kids were also part of it.
They created the trees on the Elliots beach. For the contest titled ‘Nature and I’. Many created the Fort. And a few created all the elements of nature – Sun, plants, volcanoes, rivers. On the plots allotted to them for the evening.

There were all-kids teams, family teams, school teams and a band of friends, a few of them were college students.
But they all were concerned about the nature.Kids were discussing about the climate change in the North. Cold waves and avalanches unusual to our country bothered them, among themseleves.

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