old journal

Unearthing memories

It is always amazing when you find your old memories whether it was your diary or journal, or pictures with your old best friend. You always feel great joy in your heart. I felt the same way when I excavated my old diary from deep under the shelf.

I was cleaning my shelf and suddenly a small book fell out. I thought it looked familiar. Before I opened the book, I had a train of thoughts as to what would be written in that book. I wanted to guess the contents so I didn’t open that book but nothing struck me, so I kept that book away and continued cleaning. After cleaning, I kept that book on my table and went to talk to a friend. As we were talking, she suddenly showed me a picture from a movie I had watched about 8 years ago. I suddenly had an epiphany of the content in the book!

After speaking to my friend, I ran to my room and took the book. I finally realized that it was my writing of my feelings on memorable days. I had watched the same movie on the day I wrote.

I opened the book. When I started reading, it was a wonderful journey back to my childhood. I felt as if the time had gone back to the past. Of course, my writing and language were hilarious and I couldn’t help laughing at myself.

That wonderful diary had so many memories. The best one was when we all had pranked one of my friends by inviting her to a “tea party”, only to pop a water balloon on her! I showed the book to my friends too. That day, that diary took all of us back to our old times.

I love writing diaries and always did because those are the best records of memories. Time may not bring back all the past, but memories do bring the effect of the past. Remember to make the most of these days because you will never get them back. Take pictures or write down your feelings and experiences of your day. I have experienced beautiful memories.

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