Up to fight the pandemic

At the start of this pandemic, my family and I did not take any preventive measures against COVID as all of us had high hopes that this pandemic will end soon. Day by day our hopes faded and we began to take very simple precautions such as wearing a mask. We did not get a hang of this new normal so we couldn’t adapt to it quickly. Sometimes we forget our masks while going out or eat without washing hands and etc.

After hearing dreadful news on radios and news channels fear pierced our hearts. We got jerked and opened our eyes properly. There is a saying called ‘Survival of the fittest, this tiny little phrase makes a lot of sense these days. People who can adapt, bend and adjust can survive this pandemic. We started taking precautions religiously until today we still take precautions. 12 months passed, and now Tamil Nadu is battling against the second wave of COVID 19. Doctors, nurses, hospital workers, policemen and government officials are really working hard to protect people from this pandemic disease. We people should understand the seriousness of this COVID and act appropriately by taking preventive measures properly to protect our future generation.

Here are a few precautions that OUR family is taking against COVID:

  • Gurgling hot water mixed with rock salt, turmeric powder and clove
  • Bathing only in hot water
  • Drinking pepper/turmeric milk
  • Steaming for about 3 min thrice a day
  • Wearing double masks while going out if necessary
  • Rinsing newly brought veggies into water mixed with rock salt & turmeric powder.
  • Avoiding AC
  • Avoid going out unnecessarily
  • Adding more veggies to our daily food to boost our immunity

Does your family follow the same precautions or is it different?

But always make sure you take simple precautions. Maintain 6 feet distance and wear a mask while talking to outsiders and neighbors.

Together we all can win against COVID

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