View Chennai from the lighthouse soon

It is celebration time for all those who love sightseeing as Chennai’s Eiffel Tower or commonly known as the Marina beach Lighthouse, is re-opening soon; after almost two decades. One can enjoy a bird eye’s view of the Bay of Bengal from the 10th floor of the Lighthouse which is all set to become a beauty spot!

lighthouseThe 45.72m tall, ten-storied Marina lighthouse is expected to open to public within a time period of two months. A scheme announced last year said, 13 lighthouses in India would be converted into tourist destinations, four of which are from namma Chennai!  The public can view the city and the Bay of Bengal from the Marina beach lighthouse in about two months as maintenance work is still under progress.

Visitors won’t have to climb up a fleet of stairs, as the lift is being repaired. The lift can be operated only up to the 9th floor after which visitors will have to climb up one floor to get a majestic view of the gleaming city. A nominal entry fee will also be collected, however it is still not determined, an official said. The light house will be open to public between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. tentatively. School children, accompanied by school teachers will be allowed to enter the lighthouse from 10 a.m onwards.

The authorities are trying their best to take and implement some precautionary measures to avoid all the possible mishaps and accidents from this tall building, which was one of the reasons why the lighthouse was closed for public earlier. The wall of the balcony is being raised by four feet. A new lighting system, fencing/grilling and painting of the walls are a few steps taken as a part of the maintenance of this building. It’s time to get ready with bag packs and cameras, to picture the beautiful city!

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