Visual story week at YOCee

Are exams around the corner?
We know that time is the most precious resource now!

So here is a way we show you to destress yourself by filing a report, still have time at your hand!

Go for a visual story!
No writing, just images or photos. And the story is done.

Now, what do we want you to do?

Get out of your small room in your house, but with a digi-cam in your hand.
Just stand and watch what’s on the street, what’s happening, who is passing by, what kind of trees blossom in Spring, how the litter is managed these days, all the adverts hanging on the gates, trees..
You have got a story there!
Shoot a few pictures. Obviously a visual story should have more than one image. And give a title to your story.
If you have a little more time on hand, you may want to add captions.

Email your pictures to

Please DO NOT insert them on to a Word document. Mail them as plain attachments

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