vandalur zoo wild run

Wild run in Vandalur zoo

Arignar Anna Zoological Park (AAZP) had recently entered into Asia Book of Records for its initiative for conducting Wild Run inside the Zoo in order to create awareness on wildlife conservation.

On October 5, 2019, people from across the city made an overwhelming response for the 5 km Marathon Run inside Vandalur Zoo, located around 30 km from Chennai. Vandalur Zoo celebrates wildlife week (2nd Oct- 8th Oct) every year to spread awareness.

From last year, this India’s first public zoo started to conduct camps for children to develop basic knowledge about wild animals and functioning of the zoo with the help of Veterinary doctors, biologists and forest officials.
Those who attended the camp were certified as Zoo Ambassadors for that year. The Zoo Ambassadors and AAZP Official page in Social Media shared information about the 5 km marathon that brought many registrations for the event.

The marathon was for adults and children from 10 years. The participants collected the T-Shirt before the event, with their respective registration number and with a tracking chip from Guindy Park.

The invited Chief guests for the marathon were senior Government officials from various departments and the event had several sponsors for wider promotions, including Chennai Metro & Indian Oil Corporation.

The participants assembled at 6 a.m. and watched a wildlife documentary and had some warm-up sessions. Over 1000 participants including few senior citizens participated in the event. The blue T-Shirts which the large gathering sported was appealing to the eyes.

vandalur zoo run

The run started at 7.30 a.m. and had the same Starting and Finishing point. There was a constant supply of water, lemon, glucose and juices at various places inside the runway. Many volunteers inside the zoo guided the runners and motivated them. The participants appreciated the support of doctors and police.

The participants during the marathon could see animals, birds on either side while going past their way. Once they completed the Marathon, there run time was tracked through the chip with them. After the successful completion, medals were given instantly and the event ended with a breakfast for the runners. The chief guests also ran along with other participants. The drone cameras of AAZP captured every live moment at the entrance of the Zoo and uploaded in its Official page and in Facebook. The participants received E-Certificates with the timing recorded with the help of the chip.

Photos: Vandalur Zoo

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