The 2016 edition of the Science and Nature Club at Periyar Nagar Public Library near Kolathur met on Sunday, January 31. 2016. Dr.D.Navaneetham led the talk on Jan-Feb night sky earlier in the afternoon for a mixed audience of students and adults. The Club later regrouped at 7.30pm for a viewing of visible constellations in the night sky.

The Science Forum at Periyar Nagar Library is envisioned to be a discussion forum on Science topics.

The purpose is dissemination of scientific knowledge and development of scientific temper. Topics tentatively lined up include Bird watching (Ornithology), General Evolution, Genetic modification, Space Exploration etc. Students will benefit by attending these kinds of lectures by being exposed to a range of real-world topics outside of their textbooks and maybe even pick up a useful hobby or two. Adults too, ranging from homemakers and working professionals to senior citizens, can make use of such forums to expand their knowledge horizons, away from the grind of their daily routine.

The upcoming meet on Sunday, Feb 28, 2016 will be an observance of National Science Day and Rare Disease Day. Talk is bilingual, in English and Tamil. Entry is free. Check out or contact 9962565743 for more details.