A world without penalties – paradise or chaos?

Imagine a world free of law. No restrictions, no supervision, no retribution. All strings unattached. It sounds delightful, doesn’t it? However, in such an ideal society, would human beings really be able to sustain it? Would things go as smoothly as one would expect?

The short answer is: “No.” Although we humans have evolved over the hundreds and thousands of centuries, many of our ancestors’ animal instincts have been passed down to us. A major one of these is non-compliance – the strong urge to go against the rules and break them.

It is human nature to do things the way we wish to. This can be clearly witnessed in the Indian freedom struggle several decades ago. Indians detested being subordinated by the British. They yearned for freedom. This led to them standing up for themselves and battling the oppressors head-on.

There is no denying that this is a good trait to have. It is basic human nature – the desire to have things go your way. Without this trait, Indians would never have gotten their independence. This quality is imperative for the growth and development of an individual. However, in the pursuit of satisfying this desire, one cannot cause others to be denied their wants and wishes. How is that reasonable?

Thus, in order to maintain peace and tranquility in society, there is a paramount necessity for a legal system to be put into place. One that everyone follows meticulously. Of course, there is no guarantee that the ideal world of flawless perfection might ever come to be, but it would certainly be a better civilization than one without rules.

Think of rules and regulations as carrot bait. It is much easier to lure a stubborn donkey by holding bait in front of it than by pulling it along forcefully with a rope.

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