waste seggregation

Change in everyday habits helps our environment

Though many citizens are becoming eco-conscious as they switch to battery vehicles and plant more trees, one thing that has a serious impact on the environment is waste management.

The first step we can take to do the right thing from our side is segregating the waste. People segregate wet and dry waste, but we must separate the dry waste into plastic, glass, cardboard and medical waste. However many people think that it is not their responsibility and that trash collectors should do it. This misconception of many must change.

Community people can be made aware of our environment through campaigns and social media and trash collectors can be made aware through programmes too.

Kitchen waste can be turned into compost for people who have plants and any leftover food that is not too old can be kept for animals. Furthermore, there can be weekly or fortnight DIY recycling activities for kids or community people, such as making garden lights from glass bottles to promote the 3R or Reuse, Reduce and Recycle and make people understand that taking simple steps together can build a better society, nation and world.

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