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Protecting Seniors in the Digital Age

As the world moves faster and further into digitalisation, senior citizens are left behind as they cannot cope with the changes. They are vulnerable to exploitation and cybercrime issues. Thus, it is high time we educate them.

Firstly, it can start off with their own children teaching them about technology like digital payments, mobile recharging, etc. However, their kids also might not be aware of potential threats. Therefore, organisations or NGOs can come forward to organise programmes where they not only teach the elderly to handle gadgets and other digital tools but make them aware of the dos and don’ts, and threats too.

Nevertheless, some people might not be ready to participate in those schemes and some areas might be left out during those schemes. Thus, since social media is a powerful tool these days, videos or posts that can be a direct explanation or interesting and creative methods like role play, or posters can be uploaded and be asked to share with the elderly.

From the smallest of posts that can be viral, to the biggest of schemes, everything can make an impact in creating a digital world where everybody uses digital technology when needed appropriately and effectively and are aware of the benefits, threats and limits and nobody is left behind.

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