Green earth


When I think about the word ‘genie’ the first thing that pops into my mind is the movie ‘Aladdin’. Well! there can’t be a person existing on this planet without knowing Aladdin and his famous lamp. All of us must have wished for a magical lamp that grants 3 wishes when we heard about this story in our childhood days. If l gets that golden opportunity, here is what l would ask for.

My first wish would be for COVID to be wiped out from our planet.

Most of us would’ve experienced stressful days, pain and boredom in this pandemic. But, with just a snap, if it all disappears, how glorious would that be! We will be able to meet our beloved friends and family. We can say goodbye to social distancing, sanitizing and of course wearing masks. No more restrictions and rules to go out and we will be free again. Physical schools, colleges and universities will reopen. No more online sessions and classes. Cinema theaters, malls, resorts, amusement parks will reopen bringing a surplus amount of joy to people. Shops will be crowded again and even the smallest items will be selling like hotcakes.

Now moving on to the second wish…

I wish for the whole world to become a pollution-free, green environment where we can live in peace and discover the secrets of wildlife and nature. We can brainstorm new ideas to produce renewable energy and will have another chance to protect our dear Earth.

Moving on to my 3rd wish. This is not related to the world or the pandemic. This wish is specifically for me. I wish to study really well and be determined, active and kind. Being determined will help me to accomplish my goals and will help me to succeed in life.

These are the three wishes I would ask if I find a genie in a lamp. If each and every one of us become responsible to our society and to our environment, anything is possible that includes the above three wishes too.

What will your wishes be? Is it similar to the ones listed above? Let your imaginations drive you crazy!

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