Ace tennis star Ramesh Krishnan in his own words

It is not often that the Olympics arrive. They sport mega storm that take place every four years. At this time, tennis reaches a fever point in India.  A former Olympian himself, Mr. Ramesh Krishnan has achieved a career high rank of 23 in the singles game. He is also well-known for winning Wimbledon Juniors and leading the Davis Cup teams from India to glory. In an interview with Anirudh Madhavan, the ace star shares his views.

Q:  Who has been your inspiration to play tennis?
A: My grand father, T.K. Ramanathan was my initial coach and got me started. Later on, both my parents were also very supportive of my taking to tennis.

Q: How has your passion for the game stood with you for so long?
A: Tennis is a game for a lifetime. As long as you take it as a sport, you keep enjoying it.

Q: What are the most memorable moments of your career?
A: In Davis Cup, reaching final in 1987 and semi final in 1993. In individual play, reaching quarter final at both Wimbledon and US Open Championships.

Q: How much of an ordeal was it to overcome difficulties you had to face?
A: Ordeal is too strong a word.One faces difficulties in any field and it is important that you keep hanging on. Once you enjoy what you are doing, it is easy to hang on.

Q: How has life been after a great career in tennis?
A: Life has been comfortable. You go through different stages in life. While tennis is still a part of my life,it does not take as much time and effort as years ago.

Q: How do sportsmen deal with the fame, fortune and bad luck that plagues them?
A: Each one deals with it their own way. A good support system of family and friends is very essential. As far as bad luck, you have to learn to take the good with the bad.

Q: How was your experience as an Olympian and what are your views on the current London Olympics?
A: I have been to two Olympics- Barcelona as a tennis player and Sydney as the captain of the tennis team. London is such a cosmopolitan city and it would have been nice to be there. I have not been to London in years. For a tennis player, Olympics is London is particularly special as the tennis event is being played at Wimbledon.

Q: What is your message to today’s youth and the upcoming tennis stars?
A: Message may be too strong a word but I think it is very important to be passionate about what you do. Rest will follow.

This interview got me a rare insight into the life of a champion, a tennis player of proportion, an Olympian and above all, a true winner in the Sporting era that has defined the popularity of the game of tennis in India today.

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