Remembering the gurus

Gurupurnima – a day on which every student pays tribute to the gurus who contributed a lot to each one’s life. And for the students of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, it is an annual affair.

On July 3, 2012, all the students of the school assembled in the school auditorium at 9am to celebrate the birthday of Swami Ved Vyasa and to thank their own guru Swami Chinmayanada for his work.
Surekha Raghavendar; a senior member of the chinmaya mission and a disciple of the gurudev, was invited as the Chief Guest for this event.

She addressed the students on how important it is to have a guru to guide them and to respect not only the ones who are alive at present but also the ones who gave us the scriptures. A power-point presentation was then screened which explained the life history of Swami Ved Vyasa; his birth, achievements, aspirations and goals.

The pooja by the school leaders and teachers began by offering flowers and gratitude to the gurudev followed by the Chinmaya Mission aarthi and a few bhajans.

The students returned to their classes for their ongoing learning.

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