Active ballgame in an inactive position

Pandemic has made hills and valleys in everyone’s life including the sportspeople. Their daily practice is at a halt now and some of the games are been postponed. Due to the uncertainty, many sportsmen are not able to stick to their routine.

Sports, a physically demanding activity, includes both spectators and players. It is not about just winning or losing, but it is an identity that the participant obtains. It shows the culture of a place. Sports can be played individually (tennis, badminton) or as a team (soccer, hockey).

Sports is not only for the players, but it can be played by the spectators too. In fact, the games played by the players may inspire the fans. Sport has more advantages than disadvantages. Active sports provide benefits for mental and physical health. Mentally, it increases the players’ confidence level, reduces stress and enhances the overall well-being. It is said that sports are linked with leadership traits too. Increased lifetime, balanced physical weight, strengthened bones and muscles are some of the primary benefits that help in leading a healthy lifestyle.

There is an antipode for everything! Disadvantages of the sports include injuries, sore losers and weather conditions

Though at present, the visitors aren’t allowed to see the matches live at the stadium, we could watch it on gadgets (TV, phone and laptops), which will not make us lose the enthusiasm. We may also look upon the previous matches repeatedly, so as to gain knowledge of what happened in the competition. We may also check at the internet for the methods to play and understand the theory and techniques of the game.

Sports is not only for adults. It is for the children too. It is not a rule that one should start practicing as an adult. Anyone can start to practice at an early age to master the game which in turn, keeps the person fit at the old age too.


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