Lion Guard characters

Dinner with the characters of my favourite show

We all have food with our family members all the time. Right? I eat dinner all the time with my family watching TV. But if I was given the chance to eat with someone else for a dinner, it would definitely be my favourite show characters – The Lion Guard. I wouldn’t wanrt to eat with only three characters, but all of them! They are:

  • Kion
  • Fuli
  •  Bunga
  •  Ono
  •  Anga
  •  Beshtie
  •  Rani
  •  Nirmaala
  •  Volio
  •  Zurak

They are my favourite characters. I would definitely try not to miss a chance to eat with them! We can play games and talk about challenges that we would have to fight, also the funny things they do!

I have always loved the Lion King and Lion Guard because it teaches us a lot of important values. It teaches us to face all the challenges and obstacles popping up in our life. There are many quotes used to teach these values. I love all the animals in this world. The Lion Guard has many new animals I don’t know of and the show also teaches many things about the lifestyles of different animals. I would love to rescue animals when I grow up and this gives me a chance to know about various animals.

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