The Write Track Season 2 Issue 4

The Write Track Season 2: eBook Issue 4

With this edition of eBook, the Write Track Season 2 has come to an end.

Yet another team of enthusiastic writers, who met each other online for the first time joined hands to produce a gorgeous issue of the eBook. This being the finale issue, there was an extra day and an extended deadline to receive the articles. And the team gamely took it up on them to work till the end of the day.

Here is the fourth edition of the season produced by Ishita, Shivathmika, Sthuthi and Swathi, who spent their weekend and beyond to bring out the edition.

It is now time to read, enjoy the presentation of articles in the eBook. Do share your feedback by scrolling down this page. The writers and production team need all the encouragement at this time when they work collectively on their computers without coming in contact with each others in person.

The Write Track Season 2 Issue 4

Download The Write Track Season 2: eBook Issue 4

The previous editions of The Write Track Season 2 eBooks are here:

Issue 1 – Produced by Daya, Samyuktha and Sthuthi
Issue 2 – Produced by Medha, Mustafa and Sanjitha
Issue 3 – Produced by Hussain, Maitreyi, Shalini and Thanushri


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