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An enjoyable punishment

When we make mistakes in school or at home, our parents or teachers scold us or punish us if the thing we did was wrong.  And has that ever happened to you? I would like to share a funny incident that happened to me in school.

It was our lunch break when we had gone to the field to play after we finished eating. There, my friend and I got into an argument. It was about who won the game. I said I won and she said she won. This was going on and on, for the entire time, we were fighting 😂!

Then it was time over! Now, you all would guess, since the break was over, we would’ve stopped arguing. But the teacher left us free and we were still fighting about who won the game. Then, finally, the teacher called us and asked what happened.

We told her everything and, guess what? We started the argument again in front of her! We were almost shouting at each other. Then the teacher stopped us and said she is giving us a punishment.

We got frightened and stood quietly. To our surprise, the punishment was to sit next to each other for the rest of the day!

We laughed and giggled so hard. Of course, she was my best friend with whom I had the argument. We enjoyed ourselves with each other and played so much. That was quite a day! Then we forgot about the argument and continued to be friends! 😋😛

I still talk to her about this silly punishment and we enjoy thinking about it!

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