Ayanambakkam neighbourhood is waiting for better conditions

The road in Ayanambakam, Manthope Saalai located near Mogappair which needs extensive renovation is now causing threats to the passers-by. The area is rapidly taking its form into an industrial hub. The condition of the roads is causing inconvenience to the people during the nightfall.

ayanambakkamThe lane consists of street lamps but there is little lighting. The drivers express that the road condition is also a factor contributing to the major threats in addition to the poor lighting.

Many passers-by who have been using the lane past three years, say that there was only a mud road which connected two major neighbourhoods and also it was lonesome.

Even though a mud road doesn’t exist now, there had been no transformation in the recent years.
A person could also have a view of plastic bags heaped in the corner.

The worst affected group of people is the labourers from the neighbouring states who make frequent visits to the place. Since the lighting is poor, drivers use their headlights in high beam which is also dangerous for the walkers.

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