Body Image. What does that mean?

We are all Unique. What is the point of everyone looking the exact same?
It is the perception that you have of your physical self and the thoughts and feelings that result from themselves. It basically means, that when you look into a mirror, you should be able to say ‘I am perfect just the way I am.’
I am sure that very few people will be able to do this. Honestly? Neither can I.

Sometimes I wish I was taller. I wish I had skin that wasn’t sensitive. I wish that my front tooth is not chipped. I wish for a lot of things. I’m sure you do too. But the good news is, no one is perfect. Everyone has his/her flaws. That’s just how humans were made.

body image

I ask you this. Who set the standards of what it takes to be pretty? Who decided that boys should be muscular, and girls thin? Who decided these stereotypes? The answer? We. We, humans, have created these so-called ‘standards’ and people who meet that are perfect, and others aren’t?

So what if you are fat? They think you are ugly? Well, they can cover their eyes. You have the same rights as everyone else.
What if your skin is dark? It doesn’t mean your personality is as dark as your skin! If they have a problem with that, I think they should try to sort it out. (Though, I guess they are really just jealous)

  • Don’t body shame yourself. When you make harsh comments about your body, it feels worse than having someone say it to you. Trust me. I know.
  • Instead. try replacing your harsh comments with good ones. I’ll start. I like my brown hair. It makes me unique from all the blackheads. I like my muscles, as they are strong. See? Not so hard!
  • If you don’t like something about yourself, just accept it.

We are all in this together. Let’s see how many of you are able to take up the challenge.

Comment down below, what you think makes you, well YOU. It could be a physical attribute or a part of your personality.
Remember, beauty comes from within!

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