hex colour

Colour, colour, what colour?

The colour when you wake up in the morning and see the sun shining on the leaves or the tranquillity when you see the colour of the same leaves filled with water droplets on a rainy day is certainly amazing.

It is found all around you. The colour of the leaves you see with water droplets on a rainy day or the colour you see when you look at the same leaves during a fine morning lustrous under the sunlight and tiny dewdrops, represents environmental well-being and being healthy and at the same time is used when talking about envy.

Hidden in the metallic tail feathers of peacocks but boldly visible in the royal emerald gemstones, the gentle cold breeze and the calm mist of Munnar or Shillong remind you of the tone.

It is the colour of odd-tasting bitter gourds but the sweetest of jackfruits and grapes too. It’s the colour of most herbs and healthy, leafy green vegetables but also the most deadly animals like snakes, frogs and alligators that are indeed stealthy.

The hue of the algae on the laziest of sloths and the active charming parrots is the colour of nature which is a boon and will fade if we don’t save it soon!

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