domestic biogas

Campaign for energy saving

Campaigns have certainly been one of the most powerful tools to educate and empower. If I were to campaign it would be about energy saving through biogas at home. Biogas is not a new term, it has been there for several years. Making biogas is not new too but today there are systems which can be used to make it at home, in a faster way.

Many people ignore this method but it can be an efficient way to save resources easily. All of the households have organic waste which is given to the trash collectors and is incinerated or put is sometimes left in landfills where it will produce huge amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas much more harmful than carbon dioxide. Instead of this, we can harness organic waste to produce energy or gas for cooking.

Though its science is quite complex, in brief, it can be made by adding some water to the waste and adding a starting culture like bacteria and should be left in an airtight container. During the process, methane is produced but is put to good use as it is collected and used for cooking gas. Though it doesn’t completely replace the LPG cylinders we use at home it can certainly replace around 15-25% of it.

Equipment for this might not be affordable for all people in the society but certainly, it can be bought by the majority of people these days there are even posts on social media about how to make it as cheap as possible. I believe if I campaign about this in my local community, it can spread to other neighbourhoods and the message can go so far that the method can be utilised on a large scale in restaurants where food waste is produced, or using organic waste from markets as a feedstock and furthermore the technology is made more affordable or simpler so that every person can use it so that we can move forward together into an eco-conscious nation and a world.

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