Colour of the ocean and berries

As I pull the curtains off, it’s the serene colour that puts me in a good mood. It’s the colour of the alluring morning sky that bears the ethereal clouds and the glimmering water under the powerful rays of the sun.

It’s the colour of the large, playful creature that lets out a large cry every time it jumps from the ocean. A pale shade of it prevails in the rich and juicy berries.

Then, it’s the colour of the lump in your throat, though, of course, it gives birth to courage. It’s the sign of hope that is believed to ward off evil. It’s the colour of the deity of Mahabharata.

Hidden in the iridescent feathers of a peacock but brightly visible in the stones of sapphire. Symbol of change and rebirth and the colour of the insect that lingers around in the garden of colourful flowers.

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