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Writing by hand is crucial for brain development

Though many people switch to typing instead of writing by hand. I feel handwriting is beneficial and should not be forgotten. Firstly, handwriting practice at school is vital, as it helps with letter recognition and helps develop a better reader. Research has shown that writing by hand is important for memory too. Note Making too should be done by hand as writing by hand helps us remember better. A research article by Science Daily has mentioned “ A lot of senses are activated by pressing the pen on paper, seeing the letters you write and hearing the sound you make while writing.”

Furthermore, the same movement is made for all letters using a keyboard but handwriting has intricate and specific movements for each letter and learning that can improve sensorimotor skills, especially in kids. If young kids forget writing by hand they will miss a vital learning process where they challenge the brain and improve brain activity.

Moreover, writing by hand should not be completely forgotten, as calligraphy is an art and a source of creativity and stress relief. Switching to typing might mean handwriting might be forgotten and so will calligraphy. Another significant aspect is that handwriting cannot be completely lost because typing at present is only limited to English and a few other languages. Though there are keyboards in several different languages, some languages are not included and existing ones are not that efficient or comfortable.

Finally, besides handwriting, developing good handwriting is quite important as neat handwriting can relieve stress, typing can achieve neat handwriting but learning to write neatly can also increase brain activity and challenge the brain.

To conclude, typing has its own benefits but handwriting should not replace it as it is crucial for brain development and has several other advantages.

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