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Combatting Boredom Together

Adults and kids face one relatable issue. Boredom! Aren’t we all tired of repeating the same routine while being stuck at home? A scenario, which no one expected, is slowly setting into our daily routine and it ought to be changed!

Scorching summer in Chennai city and troublesome uninvited guests come knocking at your skin! When you put in a lot of effort into your skincare sometimes, your skin just does not care anymore. Personally, it frustrates me a lot!

1. Care for skincare?
All at the comfort of your home with a click on your phone! Home remedies are one of the most effective products, which ACTUALLY show distinct results. You can have a blast by mixing few incredible ingredients available in our kitchen. Think of peels – Bananas, oranges, papaya and what not? And yes… use those flours – Gram flour, rice flour or wheat flour with a dash of turmeric? A definite YES, but I would prefer it in the form of a Sev or Bhajiya though!

2. Volunteer
Endless opportunities across the globe! Am sure that you would find your cup of tea! Volunteer to make a change, remember that your minuscule efforts create high impacts. It can be anything you enjoy doing; Nature, music, teaching and more!

3. Mental health check –
Depression, anxiety and stress are the most common mental illnesses during these tough times. Trying hard to stay employed and many more problems linger in our minds that, we tend to forget to stay healthy mentally.

  • Meditation
  • Rebuilding bonds between lost friendship
  • Just doing something, you love!
    … Are a couple of feasible ways to be your brain’s ultimate doctor!

4.  Cook!

Don’t we all remember the popular recipes, which were trending worldwide during the very first lockdown? Dalgona coffee was my fav! Let us keep ourselves attached to the essential survival skill by experimenting and creating our very own recipes! Maintaining a cookbook and photo journal of your creations would be a great memory once we get back into our busy bee routines!

Go crazy and do what you love. These unique and unexpected times should be utilized and cherished to the fullest! Let us sail towards positive (NOT covid positive) and bright times together! Do not forget that mask protects you and me 😊

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