boredom busters

When the globe at a standstill, cure the boredom now!

The pandemic has made the entire globe to a standstill, confining all of us to our homes. People are struggling in finding a way to engage themselves without going outside their homes.

Here are some simple ways to cure your boredom!

1. Help your parents with cooking
Cooking is such a tiring job. We can be the Sous chef and work together with our parents and try out some lip smacking food.

2. Read books
Books are an amazing way to engage yourselves. Not only interesting but also improves your vocabulary, writing skills and many more…..!

3. Read the newspaper to know about the current affairs
Knowing about current affairs is important to know what’s happening around you.

4. Tidy up your things and room
A room is a place where you start and end your day. So, keeping the room immaculate is a must.

5. Gardening
Gardening is a very interesting hobby to engage yourselves as it keeps you connected with nature. It is a fun activity and also develops skills like care for nature, Love for nature, responsibility.

6. Write a storybook or a comic
Story or comic writing is a fun hobby and also develops your grammar, imagination skills, creativity,etc

7. Learn a new language
Learning a new language sharps your brain and will have amazing benefits like helping you with your communication skills

8. Exercise and keep yourself fit
In the lockdown, since we’re all in our homes, people don’t do any physical activities. Exercising helps in keeping you fit and healthy for a long life.

9. Start your own online blog
Starting an online blog where you are given the freedom to share your own opinions will be an amazing experience.

10. Try trending bakes and treats
Baking is a thrilling experience but just make sure you don’t burn your hands in the hot oven.

Let us all fight the pandemic together, Stay home and stay safe😷😷



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